2021 LED Lighting Statistics: Current and Predicted

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Below are some of the top LED light statistics for 2021 and beyond …



As we look at today’s LED lighting statistics and make predictions for the rest of the decade (and future generations), these lighting solutions will continue to set the standard until we develop new technologies that further optimize lighting while minimizing energy consumption. Fortunately, current LED industry statistics show us that we’re in a great position to upgrade facilities with these types of fixtures for long-term efficiency and performance. However, if you ever have any questions about whether or not LED bulbs are best suited for your business, please contact us or check out our LED lighting FAQs. Here are some of the top LED light statistics for 2021 and beyond: ¹


  • LEDs are expected to make up 87% of lighting sources by 2030

  • 50% of commercial buildings use lighting controls (as of 2018)

  • Almost 13% of lighting installations in the commercial sector were LED lights in 2015.

  • Up to 91% of indoor illumination energy consumption in the commercial and industrial sectors are from linear, low, and high bay lighting fixtures.

  • Almost 31% of lighting energy consumption comes from fluorescent lighting systems in the Linear Fixture submarkets.

  • An estimated 5.9 billion commercial buildings in the United States are currently in use

  • Across the world, LED lighting accounted for nearly $51 billion USD in 2020

  • LED industry statistics show that revenue is expected to more than double by 2030

  • LEDs last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs




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