Revitalize Your Space with New LED Lighting

The exclusive offer is a rebate incentive provided by SRP. As an SRP Trade Ally, M&M Lighting gets paid the incentive directly and you are ONLY responsible for the difference (co-pay). You win, save money (and energy), plus get a brighter, more revitalized space.

save money and energy with new lighting

Upgrade Your Lighting, Hassle Free

New Fixture Installation

Revitalize your space with new LED panels. Eliminate your dingey fluorescent lighting and make your business brighter.

Color Tunability

Customize your space with selectable color options (3K, 4K, SK available). Our customers LOVE options.

Utility Savings

Schedule your energy assessment today and find out HOW MUCH SAVINGS you’ll earn after upgrading to LED.


Answers to this Exclusive Offer

This sounds great, BUT ...

We understand your reservation. Why does SRP offer this program and why haven’t you heard about it before? We can answer any questions you have and we encourage you to visit savewithsrpbiz.com for more information. You will also find our Trade Ally certification online.

Why does SRP provide this incentive?

It’s all about energy savings! Spend less and save more. Lighting is an average of 50% of a typical utility bill. Why spend more on old technology like fluorescent lighting? Get LED’s and use SRP’s
support through their utility rebate program.

What do I get?

You get new LED fixtures installed in your facility. Several options are available to meet your needs. We remove the old hazardous materials from your facility and recycle everything according to EPA standards.

I have different fixtures. Can I still use the offer?

The options are endless. This offer shows a sample of a project with new LED panels. If there are different fixtures at your facility or you want to upgrade, we got you. Ask your energy consultant what options you have.

I'm not a small business, does that mean I pay more?

The SRP small business qualification is determined based on annual energy usage. We check your business qualification with your utility account number. If you aren’t a small business SRP customer, don’t worry there are still incentives available.

How much will this cost me?

Excellent question! Your project is based on your existing fixtures. Your energy consultant will walk your facility and give you a real time estimate based on their assessment. For facilities with 30 fixtures you can bundle your project for a $2,700.00 copay.

Okay, I'm in. How do we get started?

Start with scheduling your energy assessment. Have your utility account number ready so we can qualify your project on site. Then, sign the application to allow us to transact with SRP for the rebate incentive.

What happens after install?
You get the benefit of a revitalized space and we take the mess away. After install you are responsible for your copay payment only. We submit the paperwork to SRP and receive payment from them directly. We have you covered with a 5 year warranty, so you’re hassle free.

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